Project Introduction

Genkicell expects to use blockchain technology to link data silos in the one health industry and to link life health data through the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, providing people with better health protection.

Genkicell converts individual health data into digital assets an verifies the credibility of data assets through multi-party verification.

Health data on Genkicell will help improve the quality of healthcare services and research development, and provide data processing and analysis services for small and medium sized health research institutions or individuals.

  • Use blockchain technology
  • Converts individual health data
  • Use Internet of Things devices
  • Provide data processing and analysis services
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Technical features

Based on the bottleneck of the existing one health industry, Genkicell has made the following innovations based on the existing blockchain technology to build a one health value ecosystem

  • Black box process design: ensure data provider’s privacy and security
  • Weight algorithm: to optimize the low efficiency links and eliminate malicious behaviors in the whole ecology by considering the historical behaviors of the diagnosis party.
  • Consensus mechanism: By adding the weight system in the improved DPoS voting mechanism, the malicious behavior of the third party can be effectively prevented, and it has low the need for trust. than the
  • Multi-party tagged data: the unique transaction structure will realize the basic function of multi-party authentication data, and ensure the reliability and validity of the data in the ecosystem.

The Genkicell ecological system

Genkicell will build a reliable value ecosystem, individual users to obtain the comprehensive health data management service and fast online health services to buy, and services to help one health service providers to obtain efficient management tools and effectively improve the service quality.

The ecosystem will help large health research to reduce the cost of data processing and data analysis, and establish a fast way for reliable data acquisition approach.

Health Management dApp

Genkicell will develop a dApp that integrates health data management, health iot device management and health services.

Users can manage their own one health data on the dApp, and also generate individual health reports, and make a one-click authorization for data access to earn profit. At the same time, users can buy global online and offline health services on dApp.

  • The user has complete control over the data
  • Digital health report
  • Cross-border health service
  • Secure data sharing for profit

One health data analysis and collection framework

Genkicell will build an efficient and reliable health data analysis system. Research institutions and individuals will be able to use the platform to gain access to data efficiently and efficiently.

Depends on the design of the ecological system and the framework of Genkicell,researchers can only obtain data analysis results, it will protect the privacy of the data provider.

Users can use the system to publish data analysis tasks to help small and medium-sized research institutions and individuals to reduce data analysis and data processing costs

  • Credibility data source
  • Data source privacy protection
  • Fast collect data in global
  • Low data analysis cost

Cognitive assistant framework

Genkicell relies on health data from various subdivision fields in the one health ecosystem, using data analysis and AI service access to improve service efficiency for practitioners in one health fields and help them make decisions.

  • A variety of structured data on Genkicell
  • Tagged data optimize the model

One health service management framework

Genkicell will provide a one health service management framework for user.

Within this framework, it can be developed and applied to the health device management, healthcare service management, chronic care service management, user distribution and portraits, tracking medicine efficacy and adverse reactions.

It will effectively help users improve the quality of health service, make rational resource allocation and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

  • Low Customer acquisition cost
  • Improving service quality
  • User portrait analysis
  • Refined operation


Genkicell token are now available on Uniswap
More information on:
Smart Contract adress: 0x4b1802f8de853188e37979c2c0d13d48504442c0